Tenant Buyers: Your way onto the property ladder

Are you fed up of renting?

Do you want to start owning?

A ‘tenant buyer’ has the option to live in a property, to then later purchase the property at a FIXED price, within an agreed timescale. “Tenant buyers” live in their chosen property as a tenant for an agreed length of time (typically 2-6 years), during which time they can exercise the option to BUY at any time for a PRE-AGREED price.

As a ‘tenant buyer’ you have the rare opportunity to try before you buy, paying a monthly rent plus a small “top up fee”, which goes towards your end buyers deposit. The advantage of this set up is that it affords you the time to build a large enough deposit to BUY the property you’re living in; all this whilst avoiding any price hikes in the local market since the sale price is already agreed!

Needless to say, customer satisfaction is also quite important once you’re searching for this type of

However, not all people are fortunate go to this web page enough to possess such chances.


Why become a tenant buyer?

  • No mortgage required to get started
  • You are in a position of ownership on day one
  • Very low entry money to “Get Started” and become a Homeowner
  • You own 100% of the property
  • If the property value increases, you keep the difference!


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